The Journey Collection

The Three Graces

At the heart of Sovereign Stones and The Journey lie the Three Graces, who in Ancient Greece represented the mythological embodiment of the ideal feminine trinity. The Three Graces were the daughters of the gods Zeus and Aphrodite; each of the daughters personifying an ethereal gift. For one daughter, Beauty was gifted. For another, Charm. The last daughter was gifted with Creativity, and together the daughters symbolised transformation, symmetry, and unparalleled beauty.

The Three Graces are at the core of every woman’s Journey, and each and every woman possesses their ethereal qualities. As she travels on her journey she builds upon the collection, celebrating each stage and marking her development. 

From the splendour of sapphires, the mirth of tsavorites, or the seduction of rubies; each Grace is embodied in a woman’s spirit, and is brought to the fore during pivotal moments in her life. It is from this mythological and romantic perspective that the essence of feminine magnificence has solidified into a contemporary classic, and given life to this quintessentially distinguished collection.

‘The Journey Collection – The Three Graces’ is an opportunity for a woman to celebrate and mark each important aspect of her life. The collection provides each piece of jewelry it contains with the versatility to encapsulate all of the special qualities of the wearer. The Journey Collection provides every woman with the unique opportunity to showcase her own distinct expression of self within her jewelry. 

Sovereign Stones is honoured to celebrate Your Grace.

The Journey Collection

Time After Time

The Journey Collection allows the contemporary discerning woman to celebrate and accentuate each aspect of her life. With the Journey Collection, each individual piece offers the versatility to encapsulate all of the wearer’s personal attributes; exemplifying the unique qualities of the extraordinary woman who adds them to her outfit.

Our jewellery is designed with strength and style in mind, presenting a sleek and elegant look to complement any outfit. For your choice of precious stones, there are blue sapphires, rubies, and tsavorites. Tsavorites were favoured over emeralds due to the latter’s current issues with clouding and softness.

Unparalleled quality and craftsmanship

At Sovereign Stones, quality is paramount. Our jewellery is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. The materials used are sourced responsibly, providing you with not only stunning but also ethical jewellery options.


Why high-quality jewellery is a worthy investment 

Investing in high-quality jewellery, such as the pieces found in the Journey Collection, represents a commitment to enduring style and sophistication. These items are more than simple embellishments; they are timeless treasures that gain sentimental and monetary value over time.

Additionally, fine jewellery often includes premium materials and gemstones, which inherently hold value. Over time, these pieces can become wise financial investments, as the worth of precious metals and stones tends to remain stable or increase.

Beyond the economic aspect, high-quality jewellery holds sentimental value. It often marks significant life events and becomes intertwined with personal stories, making it more valuable to its owners and their descendants.


Caring for your stone jewellery

To maintain the beauty of your stone jewellery, regular care is essential. Gently clean your pieces with a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. It’s also advisable to store them separately to prevent scratches. Regular professional cleanings can also help preserve the brilliance and longevity of your jewellery.


Enjoy a seamless online shopping experience

Sovereign Stones brings luxury to your doorstep with our online jewellery shop. The convenience of shopping jewellery online means finding the perfect piece to complement your wardrobe is just a click away. Our online collection is designed to provide an effortless and satisfying shopping experience.


Explore Sovereign Stones’ the Journey Collection today

Discover the perfect addition to your wardrobe with the Journey Collection at Sovereign Stones. Visit our online jewellery shop to find pieces that align with your style and celebrate your individuality. Shop jewellery online and begin a journey of elegance and self-expression with Sovereign Stones.

The Journey Collection’s pendants feature a 7-gram shank with a calibrated stone setting and include either:

  • 26 round cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.25k.
  • 7 princess cut stones totaling approximately 1.5k

Our rings feature a 10-gram shank with a calibrated stone setting and include either:

  • 24 round cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.25k
  • 7 princess cut stones totaling approximately 1.5k.

Our earrings feature 6-gram shanks with a calibrated stone setting and include either:

  • 48 round cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.5k
  • 14 princess cut stones totaling approximately 3.0k

Our bangles feature a 25-gram shank with a calibrated stone setting and include either:

  • 60 round cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.6k
  • 19 princess cut stones totaling approximately 4.0k.


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