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Journey Pendant – Your Grace – Platinum – Select Sapphire, Ruby or Tsavorite Insert


This stunning streamlined design of Sovereign Stones’ platinum pendant has been crafted with sleek elegance in mind. The solid platinum foundation is brought to life by two rows of the finest brilliant-cut diamonds. The centre insert is engineered to securely clip in and out to allow the wearer the ultimate versatility in luxury jewellery. The insert of your choice features hand-selected rubies, tsavorites or sapphires in a calibrated setting. The understated glamour of this platinum pendant is only matched by its adaptability, allowing the wearer to style this piece to suit any ensemble or event.

With each piece individually engraved with the iconic Sovereign Stones symbol, signifying its authenticity. For a polished and captivating ensemble, pair this platinum pendant with a platinum diamond earring or ring from our Journey Collection.

Choose your gemstone

Sapphire — Adorn your neck with the captivating allure of this exquisite gemstone, celebrated for its deep blue hue, symbolising wisdom, loyalty and nobility. 

Ruby — A fiery gemstone revered for its vibrant red hue, symbolising passion and vitality, perfect for adding a bold and glamorous touch to your jewellery collection.

Tsavorite — The rarity of this precious stone, combined with its lush green hue, makes it a coveted choice for those seeking a unique addition to their jewellery repertoire.

Invest in gemstones that are sustainably sourced

Whether you choose a sapphire, ruby or tsavorite insert for your platinum pendant, you can rest assured that we only source our gemstones and precious metals from the most reputable gemologists, gem cutters and goldsmiths in Sri Lanka. Meaning, when you buy luxury jewellery from Sovereign Stones, you’re not just investing in a timeless piece, but also doing your part in supporting ethical practices that benefit the environment.


Metal  Platinum
Weight Shank – 7 grams

3 x Inserts-3.5 grams each

Cut Diamonds – Brilliant Round Cut

Precious Stones – Princess Cut – 3mm x 3mm

Stone Setting Calibrated
Diamonds 26 totaling approximately 0.25k, VS Clarity
Stones Blue Sapphires – 7 totaling approximately  1.5k

Rubies – 7 totaling approximately 1.5k

Tsavorites – 7 totaling approximately 1.5k

*note that weights and sizes are approximate due to natural variations in stones.

**Tsavorites were selected rather than emeralds as our ‘green’ stone of preference. Our gemologists would argue that most emeralds are now generally cloudy and soft, compromising the piece.


Chain Length

Length (inches) Length (Millimeters)
16 40.50
18 45.75
20 50.75
24 61.00
30 76.25
36 91.50


Our Committment to Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium that’s obtained from traceable, legitimate sources, preserving human rights and biodiversity standards.

Approximately half of the precious metals used by Argor-Heraeus are recycled; the rest is responsibly mined from various parts of the world under Argor-Heraeus’ strict control. It is paramount to us that all the material we process is traceable, obtained from legitimate sources and passed on to responsible partners.

That is why we employ a rigid Compliance Management System, based on the pillars of Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Environmental Impact. These three pillars are built on a strong and solid foundation – our company culture of Responsibility.

Source:, 21 January 2022.