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3.34 ct Royal Blue Sapphire – Oval- Unheated


This beautiful Oval shape 3.34 carat, unheated, Royal Blue Sapphire, is from the mines of Sri Lanka.

It was selected by our gemologist for its clarity, table and superb colour. Suitable as an investment stone or for inclusion in a pendant or ring. When surrounded by a side setting of baguette diamonds or halo, the fire in this natural stone will be breath-taking. Certification will be available by 24th April 2021.

Sapphires Engagement Rings became popular in the 15th century by wealthy and royal families. They were favoured over other precious stones because they symoblised nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. Hence the perfect aspirational symbol for those about to be betrothed.

Given the origins of this Ceylon Sapphire, we can be assured that it has been ethically mined and shaped by master craftsman. Stringent laws that ensure equitable profit sharing arrangements between miners and mine owners, foreign ownership laws that prevent foreign mining intervention and a program for restoration of the mine excavations, protects the former ancient riverbeds that are now primarily grasslands.

Sri Lankan miners are unable to attain bank loans based on their mining profits, hence it is our priority to ensure that we support their work and the beautiful gems that adorn our jewellery by working with Sri Lankan gemologists that are close to the source. We are grateful for our Sri Lanka partners and hope that what we do at sovereign Stones goes some way to directly supporting their local communities for their hard work.


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Source:, 21 January 2022.